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   Prayer Email archive:
        (11/18/2001) Be bold, be strong
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: be bold, be strong

[1 Corinthians 16:9]
For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and
there are many adversaries.

Sometimes we find ourselves starting to walk in our
"promised lands" and things start looking bright. It
might be starting a ministry or starting to see some
success in a career or a relationship. We are not to
be naive and expect that everything will be
smooth-sailing. Success does not come by avoiding
difficulties, but by overcoming obstacles along the
way. That is why there is so many "fear not"s in the
bible. The more we travel along God's road, the more
we need to be bold and to be strong to persevere and
push through until all of God's promises in our lives
are fulfilled.

When things go well, it is important for us not to
slack but to come before God for more courage and
wisdom for the challenges ahead.

2. Problem with email:
I am trying my own email program now instead of Topica
because of problems that I have been having lately.
However, I had feedback from two prayer warriors that
they received multiple emails the last time I sent the
email out. Please feedback and let me know if this
happens again this time. Thanks.

3. New prayer requests:
i. sin problem.... -- guest

ii. Pray that my husband come back to us -- guest

iii. despreatly need your prayer -- amber68

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4. Prayer update:
i. God Is Good, All the Time -- gmles
Praise God - I got the job that I wanted. I lost one
job in April, and have praying for something that
would allow me to serve Him plus provide for my needs.
He gave me that position on October 19, 2001.

5. Number of prayer warriors: 1074
We welcome mlmm 2, learning, clady, sdenese, brendaq,
lizabell78, trici112, delivered97, cowgurl,
keyshawn19, vmo, brothersteve, jlundy, gill birchall,
gbeck048, r841517, 2002, negii, trina, skeeado,
jwight, saradtob, curls415, lwgodschosen, ysaved,
choosluv, mamajes, eloise coupe, faithnjesus, rick
deacon, lilbuggyj, rlferguson, cphill402, online60 and
aneviebrock into our prayer group.

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in Christ,
Wai Hun 
Sunday, November 18, 2001 9:23:29 AM   waihun
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