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   Prayer Email archive:
        (09/14/2001) handling crisis
Hello prayer warrriors,

1. Prayer note: handling crisis

The problem with some of us is that instead of
handling crisis, we try to understand crisis. In the
quest of understanding crisis, we might start pointing
fingers to God.

I first found out about what happened in the US about
two hours after the tragedy. I quickly tuned in to CNN
and was shocked at what had happened. I went to the
site and saw that a prayer warrior had already posted
a request to the site. I sent out an emergency prayer
email because I realised that what we could do is to
lift up everyone and the situation up to God in

I went to sleep after that (my time zone is the
opposite of that in America)
. When I woke up and
checked the site, there were already 8 posts to the
prayer request. Guess what? Two guests have posted and
responded in anger to what has happened. Four-letter
words were also used ... not against the terrorists,
but against God.

Why did God allow such evil to happen? My pastor has
given us some explanation before. If God were to remove
all the evil in the world, He would have to remove you
and me from the earth. God has given everyone free
will. It's been there since the first man, Adam. He
did not stop Adam or Eve from sinning because we are
created to worship God within the perimeters of our
WILL. If He was to remove free will from us, He would
have removed our ability to fellowship. He would have
created machines.

Vengeance is God's. There will be a day of judgement
but it is not now. For us to say that God is cruel and
that God should have removed all evil in the world, is
for us to ask God to hasten Judgement Day. Are we
prepared? Are all your friends and family saved? Have
you done what God has placed you in this world to do?

The thing that we need to understand about crisis is
that crisis always come with opportunity. Job was in
crisis. Joseph was in crisis. Everyone has been in
crisis one time or another. Some of these crisis is a
consequence of what others do to us. Injustice. Evil.
Someone may have rewarded you evil for good. There are
all kinds of reasons.

What can you do? You can only do one of two things.
Respond positively and determine to overcome. Or
despair and drown yourself in negative emotions.

Understand that Joseph decided on the former. Each
time he ended up in a crisis, he decided not to give
up. He decided to continue and believe that God's
plans for him was for good and not for evil. His
breakthrough came. Job's breakthrough came. Their
breakthroughs only came because they chose not to be
defeated by crisis but to find an opportunity for a
new breakthrough.

President Bush made a very remarkable statement. He
said that this crisis created an opportunity for the
world to come together and fight or probably eliminate
terrorism. He had a positive response to the crisis.
He did not throw up his hand in the air and just cry
"injustice". He determined to move on.

I don't know what are the measures that will be used
by US and I am not going to say whether I agree to the
retaliatory measures. But I do know two things:

[Romans 8:28]
And we know that all things work together for good to
them that love God, to them who are the called
according to his purpose.

[Genesis 50:20]
But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God
meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this
day, to save much people alive.

P.S. I've removed the two offending postings from the
site. So, if you're looking to find it, it's not
there. You can pray on site by clicking the link

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in Christ,
Wai Hun 
Friday, September 14, 2001 10:37:17 AM   waihun

changed on Friday, September 14, 2001 8:55:39 PM

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