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   Prayer Email archive:
        (06/07/2001) where is the seed?
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: where is the seed?

I started on a series on seedtime and harvest. Most of
these points are insights from listening to Charles
Nieman when he came to my church to share a message on

We've probably all known about seedtime and harvest
for quite some time. We know that we need to sow in
order to reap. If we stop sowing, there will be no
harvest to reap. However, where do we find the seed to

[Genesis 1:11] RSV
And God said, "Let the earth put forth vegetation,
plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit IN
WHICH IS THEIR SEED, according to its kind, upon the
earth." And it was so.

The seed is in the fruit, or in the harvest. Where is
the harvest in your life? If you are still healthy,
you are reaping the harvest of the seeds that you have
sown into your health. If you are still married, you
are reaping the harvest of the seeds that you have
sown into your marriage. You are experiencing harvest
time even right now in many areas of your life because
of the seeds that you have sown in the past. Every day
of our lives, we are experiencing harvest time and
seed time.

Because you still have this harvest, you have the
seeds to sow to continue having a harvest in the
future. The seed is in your current harvest in life.

A farmer knows that. The first thing a farmer does
when he collects his harvest is to put aside seed from
the harvest to sow back into the land for the next
harvest. If he stops sowing, he stops getting future
harvest. This is such a simple principle, but
sometimes we fail to see that. Because we have a
harvest now, we stop planting seeds. We wait until our
harvest is dwindling and then we start looking for
seeds to plant. The good news is that when you still
have harvest left, you still have seeds which you can
plant. If you are sick but you are still able to
breathe and talk, you still have harvest left which
means that you still have seeds that you can sow into
your health. If you are in financial need but still
have enough income to survive, you still have harvest
which means that you have seeds to sow.

Unfortunately, some people don't fully understand the
principle of seed-time and harvest. When their harvest
is dwindling, they try to save whatever harvest is
left and stop planting seeds. Imagine a farmer doing
that? Your harvest in life is dependent on the seeds
that you plant. If you are in financial lack, the more
is your need to apply bible principles to start
tithing to God's kingdom. You have to sow in order to
reap. The only way to save your harvest is to create
new harvest and to plant seeds. That is the principle
of seed-time and harvest. The only way you can reverse
a situation of lack is to sow. You do not reverse a
situation of lack by trying to save up the existing

No matter what your situation, whether it is a problem
with a relationship, with your work or your finances,
if you still have your harvest, you still have seeds
to sow. That is the only way to increase your harvest.
Look for those seeds in your current harvest and learn
to sow for your next harvest.

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in Christ,
Wai Hun 
Thursday, June 07, 2001 10:35:46 AM   waihun
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