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   Prayer Email archive:
        (03/30/2001) not what I've lost
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: not what I've lost

Recently, we have been talking about perspective.
Seeing the macro view of our lives through God's eyes.
We should always
i. major on what we have, NOT on what we don't have.
ii. major on God's will, NOT our own will
iii. major on who is with us, NOT on who has left us.

The fourth and probably the last point I want to cover
is this: major on what we have gained and not on what
we've lost.

Have you heard of the phrase "adversity comes with
opportunity"?. Also, I believe that opportunity comes
with adversity. Similarly, night comes with day, the
good comes with the bad. Isn't it true? The question
is whether we choose to see the good in the bad or we
choose to see the bad in the good.

[Genesis 50:20]
But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God
meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this
day, to save much people alive.

Joseph had the right perspective. He didn't blame God
but He knew that God would come through for Him. I
believe that is why he lived to see his breakthrough.
He managed to breakthrough every obstacle in his life
because he had the right perspective in his life. He
knew that God is faithful.

How do I know that? Look at the following passage.

[Genesis 41:51-52]
51 Joseph named his firstborn Manasseh and said, "It
is because God has made me forget all my trouble and
all my father's household."
52 The second son he named Ephraim and said, "It is
because God has made me fruitful in the land of my

He named his firstborn Manasseh which means "God made
me forget (my troubles)". He named his second son
Ephraim which means "double fruitfulness" because God
has made him fruitful in the land of his suffering. It
is only when we learn to forget our hurts and major on
what God can do in our lives even amidst apparently
bad circumstances that we grow to receive greater
blessings and double fruitfulness. Things are not what
they seem. The good is in the bad.

Unless we look for what we have gained rather than
what we have lost, we will not be able to proceed up
the ladder. To climb every ladder, you need to have
the courage to take whatever positive ounce of energy
you have to move on to the next level and leave the
current rung of the ladder. You cannot go up if you
keep looking down. Look at what you have gained and
look up with positive expectation. Gather what is good
and move on. Find the good in the bad and learn to
give thanks.

When we start to learn to look at our lives through
the right perspective, things will turn around for us.
The revelation will bring in a new change because now,
truly we have repented. Repentance really means
changing our minds. A lot of time we learn to repent
from obvious sins, but we don't learn to repent from
the more dangerous sin of a negative mind-set,
bitterness, self-pity or unbelief. You are dwelling in
unbelief in God if you do not believe that God can
make good of every situation. If you have been
dwelling on the negative forces and letting the
negative forces take over your life, come before God
now and ask for forgiveness. Ask Him to change Your
mind and help you see your life in a new perspective.
Ask him to help you forget your troubles and start
looking at how God is making you doubly fruitful in
your land of affliction. Start claiming this new
mind-set and ask God for His grace for you to
overcome. Make a decision now to climb up that ladder
and see things through a new perspective. Think of
what you have gained and major on what you have gained
and not on what you have lost.

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in Christ,
Wai Hun 
Friday, March 30, 2001 8:56:38 PM   waihun

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