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   Prayer Email archive:
        (01/09/2001) Happy Birthday prayer warriors
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: Happy Birthday prayer warriors

Today is a special day. It has been exactly one year
since the first prayer email was sent out to the first
few prayer warriors. From less than a handful of
people who signed up to become prayer warriors, we now
have 626 prayer warriors who have signed up into this

I would not have imagined that this prayer ministry
would turn out the way it did. The first prayer email
did not even come with prayer notes. It was just one
prayer request sent out.

I started the prayer notes because I wanted us to grow
together in the Word. Somehow, God started giving me
ideas and scriptures. Someone once wrote to me and
said that I must have spent a lot of time preparing
each prayer email. You will be surprised, I don't. God
always give me ideas in my mind on what to write next.

I want to thank all of you who have been faithfully
interceding for everyone and for those of you who pray
for me regularly. It takes courage and hope to submit
prayer requests and it brings comfort to know that
there are so many others interceding for the people.
Our ministry is important to others. Our prayers

So, on this special day, and on behalf of everyone, I
just want to say "Thank You" and
"Happy Birthday prayer warriors!! You
matter to me, to all of us and to God!"

2. New prayer requests:
i. God's blessings upon this site & all readers --
I pray that God will bless all who minister here at my and all who request prayer. Our Lord is
awesome and I pray that all will experience the
fullness of his Love and goodness. God is good all the
time and in every situation.

ii. Prayers needed for confused woman -- guest
Please pray for me. I am a heterosexual women. I have
been friends with a woman for many years. I am a
christian women, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my
Lord and Savior. I practice all laws of the bible. I
stand for Christ. However, I am in some turmoil, you
see this woman friend of mine is gay. I know this is
against all the Laws of Nature and God's Word. Pray
for me sometimes I feel so close to my friend, she's
been there for me thru thick and thin In a natural
since. God is number one in my life!! I am starting to
have some feelings for this woman, I actually feel
like I love her. We have not been intimate whatsoever!
Pray for me, I cannot live this life style it's wrong
in the eyes of God! I want immediate release from this
feeling. Pray for my deliverance! Thank You!!

iii. I need help with gried -- fitzrandolphjr
4 years ago my only son was killed in a car accident.
Recently, I found out that the act of tissue & organ
donation helped 15 people. This was a wonderful thing
to learn!! However, it brought back the tremendous
grief I feel at his loss. Please pray that I put this
into perspective, & feel joy in the fact that so many
were helped.

iv. Prayer for a lady with a health problem -- guest
My friend needs prayer. She has a blood clot in her
leg & she is dreadful of going to the doctor out of
fear. She really needs to go, pray for her healing.
About 3 years ago, she lost her sister they were
really close. Well it has been 3 years, since she has
been to church. Her & sister would go together.
Pray for her salvation & the pain that she feels.

v. anxious & restless -- guest
i have so many things going on right now & have missed
church & bible study this entire month! waiting to
hear on a job- which is much needed- & apartment too.
i should know today about the apartment...argh! the
waiting!!! all need to happen in 1 week. god's timing
is perfect, i know. i get so frustrated waiting. also,
can someone pray for my mother? she isn't sick or
hurt. she has no love for me. i'm sure she does in her
own way, but she is so neglectful & caloused to me. i
pray that the lord changes her heart & soothes mine.
she is a strong believer & a speaker for a christian
women's club!! i feel abandoned & so unloved by her. i
know that Christ is all i need, but sometimes i would
like to have a caring mother too. it's especially hard
on the holidays when i see so many other mothers with
thier children (& grown children) ooze love &
affection. even worse is when they give so freely to
ME & my own mother can't/won't. pray that she is

vi. How do I redeem myself with God? -- guest
Please pray for me, I am a devoted Christian women. I
let the enemy come into my life. I left church for 2
weeks, doing things that was not pleasing to God! I
have ask God for forgiveness but because of my
loneliness, I was vulnerable & that's when the devil
tried to implement his schemes. I have lost a good
friend behind this all. But this friend, does not know
God! I feel so much conviction right now. I don't know
what to tell God, because he has already viewed me in
my sins. I desire to renew my self with the Lord! Put
this all behind me. Please pray for me!!!

3. Number of prayer warriors: 626
We welcome shanndah, vjfildes, junsp, lynnyette,
stacy, clarkpmc, millerp, davanator, peterm,
faith4debbie, michelle, hejko, hazel35, narla,
churchplanter, ikebe, newbirth, laurie, walkerut,
simmonld and adiva4evr into our prayer group.

2 have unsubscribed & 3 emails have become invalid.

In Christ,
Monday, January 08, 2001 11:54:45 PM   waihun
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