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   Prayer Email archive:
        (11/05/2000) how to study the Word
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: how to study the Word

[Romans 10:17]
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the
word of God (Christ).

We've talked in the last email about knowing the will
of God, and we've said that it starts by discovering
His will for us in His Word. How do we then study the

I asked some of my bible-study students how they read
the Word and I discovered that some of them were using
devotionals, such as Daily Bread, etc, to study the
Word. They were not studying the Word for themselves
and obtaining revelation personally.

i. Learn to obtain revelation from the Word
personally. When we start doing that, God will start
speaking to us in little ways.

ii. Try not to play Bible roulette (i.e. flip to any
page and start reading)
. There may be a place for
that, but we need to commit to reading the entire
Bible by following a bible reading plan. There is a
bible reading plan on the site which you can try.

iii. Don't be too ambitious when reading the Word. We
are not here to finish the Bible in the fastest time
possible but to get revelation and to hear from God
directly everyday. To do that, read one chapter and
find a favorite verse (that should be easy to do). Ask
yourself why you like the verse or a phrase, it also
helps to write it down because then you get to
crystallize your thoughts more.

iv. Memorize your favorite verse, personalize and
meditate on that verse the whole day. Imagine how
exciting it is when you get a Word from God personally
every day. The Word can create, encourage and spur you
on to greater things daily. Only when you meditate,
can you get some of the revelation and truth into your
spirit man.

v. Read the bible in the light of the Cross. Faith
comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ
(that was the original Greek word that was used). It
is very dangerous to read the Bible and take the Bible
out of context, not just out of context of the
scriptures, but out of context of the Cross. You will
even read the Old Testament in a different light when
you view the Old Testament through the eyes of the

Finally, commit to doing this every morning before you
go to school or work. Real spiritual growth begins
when we commit to studying the Word.

2. New prayer requests:
i. Emergency prayer request -- sandy
Prayers needed for Michael Novenche,a 2-year-old
beautiful little boy in Clifton Park, New York. They
found a large tumor in his brain. Dr. Epstein operated
but couldn't remove the entire tumor & now he has to
go through chemo to keep the tumor from growing &
hitting the brain stem. We need all the prayers we can
get for the chemo to kill the tumor entirely. He
started chemotherapy on March 28, 2000. Please pray.

ii. Pray for my son -- elvina8
pray for my 14 year old son who is going to be
admitted in the hospital for high fever nonstop from 4
days. They have diagonised it as two types of Malaria.
One is virus & the other is cerebral. (Elvina's latest
update is that her son's fever has left him & 2 or 3
tests they have to still do. If everything is okay
they shall discharge him tomorrow or the day after)

iii. Big prayer request -- oyster_777
Pray for Israel & the new president of the USA. Pray
God will protect & shelter the Jewish people, and that
the American people will vote into office a God
fearing man.

iv. pray for cancer -- wldflwr06
My mother's pastor's sister-in-law (Wilma) has kidney
cancer. It has spread to her lungs. She's very devoted
to God & believes in prayer & healing. Let's all pray
& believe in a miracle. God says when 2 are more is
gathered together in my name my work shall be done.

v. Continue to pray for my family -- lisa101
Continue to pray for myself, my husband & our 4
children. I feel that we are floundering & not sure of
what God wants for us. My husband & I do not pray
together & are both stressed with our different roles,
mine as caregiver to our young children & he with his
very demanding job in sales. We really need the Lord
to bring us close to Him & guide us as to what He
wants us to do & to help bring balance in our lives. I
feel out priorities are all out of whack. Thank you.

3. Number of prayer warriors: 509
We welcome chizer14, bluebird, jane_owens, dumwiteboy,
wldflwr06, t_fletch and cesselie into our prayer

One has unsubscribed.

In Christ,
Sunday, November 05, 2000 9:31:10 AM   waihun
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