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   Prayer Email archive:
        (10/21/2000) pray for the site
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: pray for the site

[James 5:16]
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for
each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a
righteous man is powerful and effective.

Two days ago, I had difficulty accessing the site. I
emailed the web-hosting company many times and they
said that our site has been giving their server
problems. We have not changed any programs for some
time now, so we are really baffled. We have tried our
best to trouble-shoot but it has been difficult
coordinating with them. They have taken down the site
at the moment and for some moments yesterday I felt
quite helpless.

Then I received some encouraging emails from our
prayer warriors. The first person to email me was
Nadine and she gave me such encouraging words, I
cried. So, I've decided, since we are having so much
difficulty here, we will move to a new web-hosting
company and put up the site up again.

This brings to mind something that I have learned.
When I first joined this church, the pastors called
for intercessors and people to pray for them for 15
minutes a day. I find this to be such a powerful
ministry because we need to pray for those above us,
whom God has given to cover us. If the enemy is to
attack something good that God has given us, he will
probably go and attack the head first.

When I started this ministry, I consulted one of my
pastors and she said that I myself would need a lot of
prayer if I was to coordinate a prayer group. We have
all been busy at the site doing so many things and
praying for many people but we have not been praying
for the site.

So, now, I'm asking everyone of you, if you feel led
to, to pray for the site, for all the members and
prayer warriors of the site (especially for those of
us who have been actively interceding for the rest)

and to pray for me that I will continue to press on to
what God has given us here.

I'm going to borrow some of Nadine's words here:
"I miss everyone at My Devotion! But God willing,
we'll be back, and I believe He can do it."

2. New prayer requests:
I'm still receiving new prayer requests through email.
If you have prayer requests, please email me and I
will try to maintain the prayer email so that we can
all still keep in touch. If you want to post a reply
to any prayer requests, email me and I will post your
replies personally to the emails of the people
requesting prayer.

i. please pray for us -- mel
The Lord has given a vision of opening up a resort for
inner healing. We are seeking God for wisdom &
direction. Our church is 40 minutes away from our
home, my husband feels like maybe the Lord is wanting
us to move to Naples FL. Is this the church God really
wants us at? We need to have a bigger van, my son
Isaac who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth
his wheelchair is now too big for our van. My husband
is a loan officer & just got his license, he needs
figure out if he is going to start up his own office
or go with a company that is already in business & if
that be the case which one? The Lord told my husband a
long time ago that he would be a preacher his heart is
for inner city kids/ families. My x husband & his wife
plan on taking me back again to court to try to take
my oldest son away from me. I am wanting for Gods
perfect will to be in our lives. Pray for us & if God
shows you any thing please share.

ii. new job -- gmles
I'm starting a new job tomorrow. Please pray for me. I
know that the Lord's hand has been on this - I just
finished college in December, at the age of 50! He's
led me every step of the way, but I still feel a
little anxious. I guess it's the idea of something new
in my life.

iii. prayer needed for a friend's daughter -- lisa101
The daughter's name is Becky. She is young, about 24 &
she has 2 sons ages 5 & 2. Becky has never been
married to either father though both men were abusive
to her & her children have suffered through witnessing
the physical abuse & fighting. It seems that Becky has
very low self esteem & has a pattern of choosing
abusive men. Becky's parents have always been very
loving & supportive & are strong Christians, but they
are at their wits end. Pray for Becky, for her
children, for her parents & also for current boyfriend
who is also abusive. Especially for salvation for
Becky & her boyfriend.

iv. Bradley needs your prayers -- christiandeb
My little grandson is in hospital with suspected
Meningitis. He has just undergone a lumbar puncture, &
is on a drip. He is only two years of age. This little
boy has already had, many serious medical problems, so
please find it in your heart to pray for him.

v. Pray for me -- glory
I can't pull up the website tonight. Don't know why.
Please pray that my husband gets saved soon. I don't
know how much more I can take. I know that the
believer is supposed to stay with the nonbeliever, but
this is harder than it should be. I'm so discouraged
right now. Please pray for me.

3. Prayer update:
i. Praise report! Michelle Baker -- bina
Michelle has been upgraded from a critical status to
serious status!! Praise Jesus!!! She is still on life
support & in trauma icu, however God is moving &
touching. Keep praying lost souls will be won for the
Glory of God through this trial.

ii. Praise report -- guest
I would like to thank all of you who prayed for my
full restoration to christ!! It has been done!!! God
is still blessing right now. My tears of Sorrow- Have
been filled with Tears of Joy!! Please continue to
pray, I feel God calling me to the ministry, Pray that
God will reveal his will for me. I want to be used as
a vessel, So that I may win souls for Christ!!

4. Number of prayer warriors: 503

in Christ,
Monday, October 30, 2000 6:36:48 PM   waihun
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