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   Prayer Email archive:
        (03/08/2000) Here am I! Send me
Hello prayer warriors,

1. Prayer note: Here am I! Send me

I read this and I think this is appropriate for us.
This is written by Robert Schuller:

Here am I! Send me - [Isaiah 6:8]

It takes a lot of courage for many people to socialize
in circles that they consider above their own class.
But you have worked on releasing yourself from your
prejudices. You have learned to adjust your attitude
to strangers. The walk of faith has given you the
self-assurance to win friends. Now you are ready for
the new adventures you can experience if you feel free
and self-assured in any social circle.

You can do it!
Here's the secret. It starts in a prayer of faith
which I use often. It has never failed me.

"Lord, show me the person to whom You want to speak
through my life today."

Begin each day with that prayer.
Be open and sensitive to every opportunity to
communicate with another person. It may be the
salesperson in the store, a solicitor at the door or
on the telephone, or a hostess at a social event.

Move through society with a mission. Socialize - with
a high and holy purpose.

Everyday there is some person to whom God wants to
speak through your life.

Remember, it's God's responsilibity to do the talking;
you simply have to be available. He may want you to
silently respond with a kind look, or to listen with a
caring ear. He only needs an honest love that you will
emit and transmit from your soul!

Live with this prayer.
Try it every day for thirty days. That's faith in

2. New Prayer Requests:
i. healing for cancer -- alon
Dale Redekopp, in his late 40's, has brain cancer. He
is just starting treatments beginning of March. He is
a christian. Please pray for healing.

3. Continue to pray for:
i. pray for toni -- waihun
pray for complete healing for toni. lift her up.

ii. needs healing from rejection -- 1111
pray for complete restoration for Pammy

4. Number of prayer warriors: 67
We welcome childofgod1914 into our prayer group.

Jennifer who has joined us a few days ago has invited
everyone to visit her web-page:

One person has unsubscribed.

your sister-in-Christ,
Wednesday, March 08, 2000 1:27:47 PM   waihun

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