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        Isaiah 1:26
Do you think that when God says He will restore Israel's judges as at the beginning He is speaking of a time still future to us, or could He be referring to the Old Testament prophets themselves (since Isaiah was the first of the major prophets) who would point the way back to the LORD for Israel? It seems apparent that the last half of this verse is still future to us, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the first half is, because as Kay Arthur point out: "the prophets did not always indicate intervals of time between events, nor did they always write their prophecies in chronological order." (The International Inductive Study Bible, p. 2206) 
Thursday, April 13, 2000 11:29:13 AM   sswan
      re:Isaiah 1:26   
Dear sister sswan,
The Bible is the infallible Word of God. Agree? What purpose(s) does it serve, then? I believe it is to draw us closer to God, strengthens our spirit man, guide us in our daily lives and prepare us. But the most important part of the Bible is that It is a power channel that God uses to talk to us. We can learn the Bible by using our spirit and our mind. We can learn the Bible in context of what it is saying, the time period when the Word was actually given, and how to apply it in the era of that time and now. I believe all these are true and should be practised but I also believe that the Bible is the living word of God that is quick, powerful and sharp, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit [Heb 4:12]After saying all this, I believe God was saying at that time that He will restore the time the judges rule Israel; remember at this time there was no kings yet but the actual King in power is the Lord Himself. So the judges ruled with the umbrella of God as the highest authority but as we know the Israelites were dissatisfied and demanded for a king that they can physically see and control (I think). But all these years, we can see where man have failed to actually fit the role of a king. I believe in the wider context that God is saying when the second coming of Christ is here and the kingdom of God is established, God will be the true King as no man can ever be and man will rule under the guidance of one true King, the counsel of His ministering angels and the city shall be called the city of righteousness.
But I also believe that the Lord is speaking to you that in your own context and life, He will restore everything that was wrong to become right again. Hallelujah!, Amen 
Friday, April 21, 2000 12:21:43 AM solomon
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