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        John 16:13
John 16; 13-14 This says to me that the Holy Sprit wont speak of himself all that he speaks about is Jesus But a lot of christian sure exalts the Holy Sprit and it seems to me as if they forget about Jesus and look at how the Holy Sprit is working, to me the Bible says we do all things thur Christ, not the Holy Sprit, the Holy Sprit comes to confort and direct our lives, for Jesus in verse 13 of John says that he, the Holy Sprit, shall not speak of himself verse 14 says he shall glorify Jesus not himself but a lot of christian glorifys the Holy Sprit. Dont you think this is a contradiction to what Jesus says, in these two verses. The Holy Sprit is real, but we are to lift up Jesus and not the Holy Sprit even though they are both of the God Head body. 
Friday, December 19, 2008 11:23:49 AM   franklin847
      re:John 16:13   
I asked the same question to a paster when I first became a believer. The way he explained it to me helped me understand,maybe it will help you. The Holy Sprit is the one who does all the work here on earth. He is a person. He is the sprit of GOD,and you can sin agianst him.(Ephesians 4:30) Jesus is GOD in man form and our savior. Jesus came to earth so we could be saved. So I believe they are all one. They are all modest and holy. They will not build themselves up,but the others. The Father lifts the Son, the Son the Holy Sprit and so on.

I hope this helps in your walk.
GOD bless 
Wednesday, January 07, 2009 1:39:13 AM guest
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