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   Verse Questions:
        Genesis 9:6
In Gen.9 verses 4&6 What does God saying I can't seem to understand also, is there a reference book I can purchase to help with the interpretation of the Bible 
Saturday, January 04, 2003 11:36:04 AM   byfaith
      re:Genesis 9:6   
The complete Matthew Henery is a good book to read with Bible study,also scripture crosschain referenceing 
Monday, January 13, 2003 6:01:36 PM mickcoldii
      re:Genesis 9:6   
God was saying,Murder is a crime deserveing the life of the guilty person.Sin then (before the time of Jesus)had to be dealt with physically in the natural.
Sin still has to be delt with,and God was showing Sinful man how terrible this crime was in Gods eyes.
Likewise God showing that He is compassionate and gracious,slow to anger and abounding inlove and faithfulness,by the shedding of His Sons(the Lamb of God.God himself veiled in flesh )Blood for the place of our Blood,Praise God!
Though under the covernent of grace even this crime as terrible as it is can be washed clean with Christs completed sacrefice on the Cross.
If you confess your sin before God and truly regret and repent it in your heart and belive that jESUS IS Lord.
God will forgive and choose to forget all unrightousness.
That does not mean that punishment from mans law or consequenses of action do not now count in the natural,they should and do,unless God decides otherwise. 
Monday, January 13, 2003 5:38:57 PM mickcoldii
      re:Genesis 9:6   
The real issue about the blood is the symbolic importance is the "life itself" is represented in the blood. Which is why Christ's sacrifice on the Cross and his blood shed is so valuable for our clensing (I John 1:7) and our eternal life ( John 6: 54) Compare this to I Peter 1:18-19 with Hebrews 9:22) Every human life is considered sacred because it is made in God's image. So when an animal or even a beast destroys another life, capital punishment is implemented. This is where we get our laws from in the U.S. Even God provided the 5 cities of refuge if it was accidental though.

I learned much from studying under "Bible Study Fellowship"- A non denominational Study- You might find out on the Web if there is a class in your city- it is excellent! Also, pray for God to illuminate before you read. Many reference books do have their own agendas and bias- so its hard not to be swayed!...

A "Precept" Bible would give you basic key words and repeititive concepts that reoccur, and don't push you one way or another. 
Friday, January 10, 2003 1:21:20 PM bren
      re:Genesis 9:6   
Verse 4 means that we have to drain the blood out of everything we eat, but it doesn't matter if a drop or two is left in the meat.

If you're thinking about purchasing a bible, I recommend the new translation from aramaic to english. The New Testament is done, and the Old Testament is being translated. This is the best translation, at least for the New Testament. The New Testament can be ordered for 35$ at: 
Thursday, January 09, 2003 8:47:37 AM guest
      re:Genesis 9:6   
Hello fellow seeker of the Lord. I have some great material for you to use to help understand the Word in a deeper and clearer why. If you visit I believe you will find all you are looking for. You will see a section at the bottom left of the page titled New feature - the online Recovery Version of the Bible. This is the best translation you can find, it has over 9000 extensive footnotes and 13000 cross references for the new testament. You use this version online, but if you would like your own copy just go to and you can place an order for a free copy. For the old testament I suggest the Life Study which you can access online at Again at the bottom left of the page is a section called online publications, click on this and on the next page on the left side you can click on the life study of the Bible. If you are looking just for chapter nine of Genesis then look at chapter 35 of the life study of Genesis.

Justin Nadeau 
Wednesday, January 08, 2003 4:48:35 PM justin nadeau
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