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        Mark 9:48
what does this mean ..Mk 9.48,9.49,9.50..what salt and and what is these worms ?and what is fire --the hell as in 9.47 or the fire of the holy spirit??confusing for me??? 
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 11:57:33 PM   guest
      re:Mark 9:48   
it is talking about temptations and to avoid them. the worms and first fire is hell. he uses the worms to show that nothing ever burns up with this fire(hell). The salt is us. we are to be the salt of the earth. inother words living for God and Jesus. telling others of Him. I think this fire is the holy spirit. I think! When salt loses it saltiness that is saying we have lost our love for God. 
Monday, October 08, 2001 4:13:23 PM llovlygirl
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