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   Verse Questions:
        Revelation 6:9
Help me understand whether the souls that are resting under the altar of God are either all the souls that had their name written in the Lamb's Book of Life or only the souls that were slain for believing in Jesus during the tribulation??

Love in Christ 
Wednesday, September 20, 2000 10:56:17 AM   bina
      re:Revelation 6:9   
my translation says ...the souls who have been martyred for the word of God and for being faithful in there witness. I have the new living translation. 
Monday, October 08, 2001 3:25:50 PM llovlygirl
      re:Revelation 6:9   
I also agree that it very well could pertain to all those who were killed by their faith in our long history. Two things remain: If it does include all who were slain in the past, then the bible is but a small portion of a listing of names. And secondly, the book of revelations is to take place after the rapture... If the dead of the earth have been raised up before everyone else, why then would these martyrs be left under the altar? We can debate these questions for years without answer, but as a wise man once told me, sometimes, you just have to accept what the scripture says, and not try to understand it, 'fore in this case, does it really matter which christians were slain in his name to be placed under the altar? Earthly intellect and curiosity causes us many frustrations which we need not stress. 
Sunday, August 19, 2001 5:06:35 AM usaf_ammo
      re:Revelation 6:9   
***them that were slain for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held***
those who are martyred for their faith in Christ and the truth of His Word. Perhaps all the martyres of past ages are included among those underneath the altar. They are told to have patience for many more will die for their faith in Christ--
refer to:
[Revelation 7:13-14; 13:15; 18:24; 20:4
Tuesday, January 02, 2001 5:40:13 PM amberrose99

changed on Tuesday, January 02, 2001 6:41:55 PM

      re:Revelation 6:9   
The phrase 'the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held' is not limited to those slain during the tribulation. You can look all the way back to the beginning of Genesis and find everyone who fits that description; those are the ones who would be there. 
Wednesday, September 27, 2000 3:05:39 AM gaidin
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