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guest PUBLIC  Monday, September 15, 2003 1:54:52 PM  
God did not create us to be homosexuals according to the book of Genesis. In these verses, it was because of their sin that they were given up to vile affections. A true Christian doesn't live a sinful life, so you cannot be a christian and a homosexual.
nadine PUBLIC  Friday, September 22, 2000 10:25:46 PM  
[ Answers: 3 ] If this is referring in part to homosexuality [Rom 1:27] ie "men ....burned in lust one toward another" while [Rom 1:26] states that "God gave them up unto (these) vile affections", does this not mean that homosexuality was intentionally brought into this world by God? - [Rom 1:28] " God gave them over to ... do those things which are not convenient". Is it possible therefore for a homosexual to be christian??