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waihun PUBLIC  Monday, November 22, 2021 8:22:47 AM  
I am Christ's. What does that mean? I belong to Him. I need not worry for myself what happens to me because I am His responsibility.
mttwaldron PUBLIC  Wednesday, February 25, 2004 12:44:32 AM  
Those of us who identify ourselves as Christians have at some point in our lives devoted our life to Christ. We've said, 'Here's my life; mold me; help me out; I can't do this own my own.' But what does it truly mean to give your life to God? I struggle with this, and it frustrates me that I struggle with this.  I have publicly and inwardly declared that I am member of the body of Christ, through my own free-will I have chosen God's Kingdom over worldly ways. But how do I become a true servant of Jesus? How do I give it all to him? I do daily devotions, go to services regularly, volunteer at the Church, and try my best to be a 'Salt of the Earth' at my full-time job. But I still feel like I'm 'holding back.' Like I said, it's frustrating. However, my frustration usually subsides when I read passages like this. I am reminded that I truly am the property of God, but most importantly I am reminded to ask God for help. By asking for help I am able to overcome my frustrations. This is because the only way that I can be an effective servant is to ask the master for instructions. This way I have the Holy Spirit to guide me. I don't have to decide for myself what God wants me to do. I just follow God's instructions like a good servant.

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